Back Pain FAQ

If you’re suffering from back pain, the main question on the forefront of your mind is likely to be, “How can I make it stop?” Eliminating or decreasing back pain is the focus of Dr. Annette Toledano’s office as a Trusted Miami Back Doctor; however, there are many other questions that most patients have when it comes to this difficult issue.

Are there certain people more at risk for back pain?

While anyone can have back pain, some people may have an increased risk due to the following factors:

Age. The older you are the greater your chances for back pain.

Being out of shape. The more physically fit you are, the less chance you have suffering from back pain.

Overweight. The more weight you carry, the more work your back has to do, and the greater your risk of stressing your back, resulting in pain.

Smoking. Those who smoke may not be getting enough nutrients to the discs in the back increasing the risk of degenerative disc disease which can lead to severe pain. Smoking also increases the risk of osteoporosis, which causes weak, porous bones, and can even lead to painful fractures of the vertebrae.

Genetics. Some causes of back pain  such as ankylosing spondylitis, a form of arthritis that affects the spine, can be hereditary.

Work related injuries or stress.  I you have a job where you are required to lift, push, or pull while twisting your spine, you may get back pain. If you work at a desk all day and do not sit up straight, it can cause stress on your back that may result in back pain.

Diseases. Some diseases, including certain types of arthritis and cancer, can cause back pain.

What are the causes of back pain?

Back pain can have many different causes, sometimes it is a mechanical problem within the back, such as:

  • Spasms
  • Disc breakdown
  • Tense muscles
  • Ruptured discs

 Back pain can also result from injuries, such as:

  • Falls
  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Accidents

Some conditions and diseases may also result in back pain, including:

  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney stones
  • Pregnancy
  • Infections
  • Fibroymyalgia
  • Endometriosis
  • Infections
  • Tumors
  • Stress

When should I see a a doctor about my back pain?

Anyone who is experiencing persistent back or neck pain that does not improve with rest, or experiences numbness or weakness that radiates out to your arms or legs for more than several days should see a physician who specializes in this type of care. If the pain is the result of a traumatic injury, immediate medical attention should be sought.

What can a physician who specializes in back pain do for me that my primary care physician cannot?

Working with a physician like Dr. Annette Toledano who is a Trusted Miami Back Doctor can save valuable time in finding the appropriate solutions as quickly as possible. A physician who has a real interest in treating back pain and and related muscloscletal disorders is the fastest road to recovery.

How does Dr. Annette Toledano and the North Miami Internal Medicine Practice diagnosis my back pain?

Before any doctor can begin treating back pain, an accurate diagnosis to determine the problem is the first step. Unless you are completely immobilized, the doctor will likely  test your range of motion and nerve function as well as use a soft touch to determine the area of discomfort. Some of the following methods may be used to diagnose a patient’s condition including:

  • MRI – used to analyze soft-tissue damage such as disc herniation
  • CT Scan – often used for those who cannot have an MRI
  • X-Ray – useful in pinpointing broken bones or other skeletal issues
  • Myelography – used to help determine the cause of pain, numbness and/or weakness in the back, arms or legs
  • Discogram – used to determine if a particular disc is the source of pain
  • Electromyogram – used to determine possible nerve or muscle damage

 What type of conditions are treated at the North Miami Internal Medicine Practice?

We are able to treat back and neck conditions as well as headaches, including the following:

Back Conditions:

  •  Low Back Pain/Injury
  •  Neck Pain/Injury
  •  Lumbar Radiculopathy (Sciatica)
  •  Post Laminectomy Syndrome
  •  Facet Joint Syndrome
  •  Myofascial Pain Syndrome
  •  Cervical Radiculopathy
  •  Degenerative Disc Disease
  •  Herniated Discs
  •  Kyphosis
  •  Scoliosis
  •  Spinal Infection
  •  Spinal Stenosis
  •  Spondylolisthesis
  •  Spinal Arthritis
  •  Muscle Spasm
  •  Nerve Impingement (Radiculopathy)
  •  Piriformis Syndrome
  •  Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
  •  Thoracic or Lumbar Sprain or Strain

Neck Conditions:

  •  Cervical Disc Herniation
  •  Cervical Sprain/Strain
  •  Arthritis
  •  Degenerative Disc Disease
  •  Muscle Spasm
  •  Nerve Impingement (Radiculopathy)


  • Chronic Headaches
  • Migraines

What are my treatment options at North Miami Internal Medicine Practice?

Dr. Annette Toledano offers Spinal Decompression for the neck and back as well as other non-surgical, non-narcotic treatment options.

What is Spinal Decompression?

The DRX9000 True Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression System™, used by Dr. Annette Toledano, provides a primary treatment modality for the management of pain and disability for patients suffering with incapacitating low back pain and sciatica. It is designed to apply spinal decompressive forces to compressive and degenerative injuries of the spine. Non-surgical spinal decompression treatment involves a series of stretching/relaxation cycles aimed to relieve the pain and symptoms associated with herniated discs, bulging discs, sciatica and facet syndrome through unloading due to distraction and positioning.

What are some of the other treatment options?

As a trusted Miami Back Doctor, we offer injections as well as physical therapy treatments. In addition, Dr. Toledano has developed a new, and potentially breakthrough medication for back pain that is a non-narcotic, non-analgesic drug.  She is the sponsor/investigator for a phase 2B Clinical Trial for this new drug for back pain. Participating in this Clinical Trial may help many patients return to an active, happier and healthier life. For details as well as an application, see the Clinical Trial FAQ page.

 How do I get started on finding relief for my back or neck pain?

We understand that taking the first step and visiting a new doctor can be a stressful experience, but by calling our office at 305- 895-6808, you can be assured that we understand and will do our best to make sure every patient is treated with dignity and respect from the first phone call to the office visit and diagnosis, treatment and beyond. Our warm and friendly staff with comfortable surroundings and compassionate medical professionals that provide first-rate  care will help ease your fears.